Wednesday, September 29, 2004

There is no "real" local talk radio in Mobile,AL.

Mobile, AL. is in desperate need for a free form local talk show. My name is Shane McBryde and a few years ago I hosted what became a very popular local talk show on an AM station in Mobile. The "Sahen McBryde Show" was voted the best by Mobile Bay Monthly. Through my own career choices I am no longer doing the show, however I still support the local morning show on WABB AM 1480. Incidently, I am employed by WABB Inc.

The point is local talk radio is important and there's a huge market for it here, and yes I would love to be the host of this talk show. The broader point however, is the importance of a local forum for community issues and concerns. The show must be entertaining of course, but stimulate vigourous disscussion.

So much is happening in our world on a national and local level; I feel people are chomping at the bit to talk about it. Especially considering the upcomming presidential elcetion, the defining election of the new century. This election, if it does nothing else will determine the course we take in dealing with terrorism. Terrorism is THE great ism of our generation, right up there with Nazism, Facesism, Communism ect...

There is also the threat on this side of our embracing Imperialism. The policy of Pre-emptive strike is every bit as monumentous as the Monroe Doctrine, the American philosophy of Manifest Destiny, Lincoln's decision to hold the Union together and deny any state to separate. I mean to say it's Big!

So, if John Kerry is elected his will be a new policy and new direction; the election being a national repudiation of Bush's policies, maily towared Iraq and the war on terror.

There is so much that I would love to be talking about.